Me, ( कृष्णमणि बराल ) Krishna Mani Baral, a correspondent/photojournalist affiliated with Annapurna Post Daily based on Pokhara. I have started my journalism journey as a freelance reporter in 1998.

I started full-time journalism as a correspondent 2001-2004 Samadhan National Daily Pokhara. I worked Deshantar weekly for one year as a correspondent too. I worked as a correspondent and photojournalist for The Himalayan Times and Annapurna post-2004. The Himalayan times I worked 2004-2014. Annapurna Post National Daily as a correspondent 2004 to still today.

I love nature and wildlife which motivated me to drag my pen towards conservation. Not only to write on wildlife conservation issues but also I have work in this sector for 2 decades.  My commitment to conservation has one particular aspect I wish to highlight: the cause of vulture conservation, wetland conservation, and on different species conservation in Nepal. In my view, this is an issue that needs a lot of attention.

My Journey on Vulture Conservation

In my childhood, I found a lot of vulture species near the farmland at Baidam. So many cotton (Bombax ceiba) trees were found at that time. Vultures use to eat a dead animal (carcass) in farmland. Now everything is changed because of urbanizations. We can’t found farmland and big cotton trees. Nepalese society has abhorred vulture for a long time owing to their religious beliefs. The cause I have undertaken highlights the need to protect vultures and their habitat, their natural surroundings, and their food.  I have written more than three dozen articles about vulture conservation issues. This is a cause that will inevitably take a long time to take educate our society. I was alarmed by a recent report that suggested that a particular species of vulture in Nepal has had its population decline by as much as 99.99% I took a keen interest in this aspect of animal conservation. I took the matter of vulture conservation to my heart and traveled all over Nepal taking photos of vulture’s species that are on the verge of extinction since 2007.  As a photojournalist and Reporter, my strongest area is my photographs. I have conducted photo exhibitions in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, my hometown Pokhara and many parts of Nepal raising awareness of the need for vulture conservation.

My Journey on Wetland Conservation

As I am born near Phewa lake, I have a real picture of changing Phewa in the worst condition which drags my pen not only on this lake but also in different wetlands of Nepal. I have written more than three dozen articles about wetlands issues. The pollution and the flooding from the water sources area with a huge change in urbanization was the main threat to Phewa Lake to reduce its water quality, in size, and encroachment issues.  I reflect these issues in my photograph and I have created two conservation awareness campaign by clicking the reality of wetlands in Pokhara and Lekhnath as well as 12 schools.

This, I believe, has raised awareness among the students and the future generation of Nepalese society about the need for vulture, wetland, and their unique and unambiguous place in the eco-system.


  • Member: Federation of Nepali Journalists Kaski.
  • Life Member : Bird Conservation Nepal.
  • Life Member: Nepal Red Cross Society.
  • Former President: Federation of Nepal Photo Journalist Kaski , Pokahra.
  • Secretary: Federation of Nepali Photo Journalist Gandaki province.


  • Attended different workshops on journalism
  • Attending Workshops on international wetland symposium 2012 Nepal
  • Attended different workshop, seminars on news reporting.
  • Attended different workshop, seminars on photojournalism.
  • Attended different workshop, seminars on Animal right, Mass communication, and leadership development.
  • Vulture Conservation photo exhibition and school awareness program
  • Wetland conservation awareness program at different school and photo exhibitions


  • Journalism Training
  • Photojournalism Training
  • Bird Conservation Training
  • Nature Conservation Training
  • Leadership and Motivation Training
  • Human right Training

Achievements: –

  • WWF Media In Conservation Award 2012 (WWF Nepal)
  • The Life of Food- Photography Award-2010 (World Food Program)
  • National Photojournalism  Award 2011(Federation of Photojournalist )
  • Environment Journalism Award-2012(City Development Bank)
  • Conservation Award -2012(Annapurna conservation Area Project-Sardikhola Community)
  • Vulture Conservation Award – 2014 (Bird Conservation Nepal)
  • Sahar Sport Photojournalism Award- 2015 (Sahara Club Pokhara)
  • Himdoot Photojournalism Award-2012(Federation of Nepali Journalist Kaski)
  • Local Animal Welfare Hero-2013 (Animal Welfare Network Nepal)
  • Nature Conservation Award-2017 (Friends of Nature)

विश्व लाटोकोसेरो महोत्सव तथा नेपाल लाटोकोसेरो तथा हुचील उत्सव २०७३ मा सञ्चारका माध्यमबाट जनमानसमा वन्यजन्तु संरक्षणका लागि चेतना अभिवृद्धिमा योगदान पु¥याएको भन्दै प्रकृतिका साथीहरु नामक संस्थाबाट प्रकृति संरक्षण पुरस्कार पाएपछि सोही उत्सवमा विभिन्न विधामा पुरस्कृत हुनु हुने आदारणीय अग्रज संरक्षणकर्मीहरु संग ।